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Gudy Dot Glue Dispenser

Gudy Dot Glue Dispenser

Handy and simple!

This hand-held dispenser lays out a ribbon of acid-free adhesive dots that can be used to join paper or other smooth surfaces. Later, the adhered items can be pulled apart, and any adhesive can be easily removed without leaving a mark!

Use it to put pictures, signage, memos, etc., on the walls or windows. Or easily stick the kids' artwork up.


The adhesive will not dry out or become brittle with age. Perfect for adhering temporary signage, scrapbooks, photo albums, framing, etc.

Glue; Acid-free & non-yellowing

Length 15 m
Width 8 mm
Material water-based glue

Item no.: E3007 / 1 pc

£ 2.50 (excl. VAT)
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