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The library of today is not just a collection of books or a place to study – it is a place for multicultural contacts, digital enlightenment, creation, imagination and discovery. Embracing all these aspirations, we have evolved into the most dynamic provider of total design solutions to libraries and other public spaces, working hard to create tomorrow’s library – today.



- Let us help you

We work with libraries, leading architects, designers and other professionals in the development of function and design of libraries. We adapt our services to suit your needs, budget and timescales, resulting in inspirational and responsive, living, working and playing spaces. We offer unique solutions based on functional and creative interior design, contemporary furniture and tailor-made product development.

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- For a better world

We, as part of Lammhults Design Group, are proud to have adopted the UN Global Compact's ten principles for creating a more responsible and sustainable world. We strive for sustainable development based on business ethics, morality and integrity. The sustainable development must be deeply rooted in the way we do business and design and offer our products.

Innovation is what characterizes how we work with library design. Your project may be big or small, but our aspirations always remain the same.