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Wick Library

Wick Library

From vision to reality, thedesignconcept ltd. worked closely with the client through every step of the way, from design to completion.


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Innovative design solution

High Life Highland were approached by the Highland Council during the design phase of the new Wick 3-18 Campus to gauge the feasibility of moving the public library from the existing Carnegie building in the town centre to the community building on the new campus, which it was proposed, would house the library and leisure centre via a shared reception area.

This called for a challenging and innovative design solution to deliver a flexible space which works for a wide range of customers, from job seekers to children to the elderly to leisure customers, as well as combining two very different libraries (public and school) and two very different services (library and leisure). It was also important that the design would celebrate the heritage of Wick while looking to the future.

The Children’s area can be seen by passers-by and the use of brightly coloured graphics, soft furnishings and fun furniture encourage children to come in, stay and enjoy their time in the library.

Throughout the library, Cocoon furniture creates a break in shelving and offers visitors alternative seating options. Exciting graphics, that capture the heritage of Wick, can be seen on the walls and as backing for curved soft seating and encourage visitors from all over the world to come in, get comfortable and enjoy their surroundings.






Don't take our word for it...

“Working with thedesignconcept ltd. has been very easy. They understood the brief from the outset and, through a process of engaging with stakeholders and staff helped us interpret and fulfil our vision.

The end result is a library space which is bright, modern, flexible and meets the needs of the community which it serves. The design is sympathetic to the building and integrates with the campus seamlessly. The entire space can be easily reconfigured to accommodate events, activities of every size and scope and accommodate the ever increasing number and range of visitors.

The children’s area in particular has become the go-to space for young people and families of Wick. On opening day it was wonderful to see children the children’s’ (and parents) faces as they saw their library for the first time.”


John West
Principal Libraries Manager
High Life Highland







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