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Biblioè 150 luoghi comuni event in Trento, Italy

11 April 2016 / Exhibition news

Our sister Company, Schulz Speyer Bibliothekstechnik AG and italian dealer, Harmonie Project will participate in the "Biblioè 150 luoghi comuni" library event, 21-25 April 2016

The Bureau of Cultural Activities of autonomous Provincia of Trento and the Libraries of Trentino Librarian System, coordinated by the Bureau of Trentino Librarian System and Cultural Participacion give rise to biblioé 150 luoghi comuni, an event representing the multiple areas of expression and action of important cultural presidium which are currently the libraries in the global information environment.

In recent years the concept of the library has undergone a dynamic evolution: from a place of research and study to presence in the area as an integrated cultural center of services for training, information, general and specialist knowledge, development of creativity, socializing and leisure.

The Event want to give an idea of the complexity inherent in managing a cultural presidium so varied.

The first of the Event edition is about the core of the social and territorial value of libraries, in connection with the renewed need of information and knowledge of their community; as a democratic places with a free accessibility to knowledge, learning and information.

Therefore an occasion to come into contact with Libraries trends, to meet, in one place, the people and professionalism of Libraries world.

The Palazzo delle Albere, prestigious renaissance seat of the Prince Bishop of Trento and dedicated from him to intellectual research, to meditation, to otium understood as a moment of contemplation and recreation, will host biblioé from 21 to 25 of April 2016, creating an ideal leitmotif with the Book International Day the 23 of April.

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On the library event you will meet our sales manager Markus Münch.