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Safety message

9 May 2022 / Product news

Update June 13

After we removed the products from our website, we contacted all the libraries who have purchased a Elna or Elof elephant. They have all received a plate to cover the gap, so that no further harm can be done. It can even be used for some extra storage. 

So Elna and Elof are now safe to use and are available on our website again.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.



Important product safety message

We are in the coming days contacting all libraries which have purchased our display and browser furniture Elof and Elna.

The playful elephant design has led a child to climb the furniture and try to slide through a gap on top. See illustrations. The red dot marks the critical gap areas.

The products are for display and browsing of books and not for climbing, but it is our responsibility to understand that children can be tempted to climb the elephant.

Therefore, we will take contact to all libraries who has one or more of our popular elephant displays and browsers to ensure that the two products are either removed from public space or that the gap will be temporarily blocked until we can send parts which will safely close the gap. It is important to eliminate the risk described above.

The products will be redesigned and are temporarily taken away from our websites. When the product change is implemented we will present the products on our websites again.

As a professional supplier of library furniture to many public areas with children we know that safety comes first.

In case you have questions to this, please contact our customer service.