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Sister company celebrates 60th anniversary

21 May 2015 / Company news

Schulz Speyer - ready for the next 60 years.....

The company E.M Schulz was founded on the 15. august 1955 in Nördlingen by Erna and Hans Richard Schulz. Their main line of business then was furnishing cinemas, lecture halls and conference rooms, but they soon changed their focus to furnishing libraries instead and decided to move location to the more centrally located Speyer.

Although Hans Richard Schulz was an experienced business man, he had a technical interest in developing products for libraries. He was a man with vision and he was known in the business as “Bibliothekspapst” (Pope of Libraries). His inventions are still being used in libraries across the country.

Due to the increased focus on interior design in libraries through the decades, Schulz Speyer has ensured to always stay in close contact with the needs of the market. Product development is made together with the customer to ensure the right solution for all users of the library and we are ready to supply libraries with innovative interior design for many years to come.