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Playful Children’s Accessories for Shelving and Display

Playful Children’s Accessories for Shelving and Display

Present and organize books in a playful and eye-catching way with these charming accessories for children’s shelving and display

With various options available for a range of shelving systems, these accessories are sure to put the fun in functionality.

Turn simple double-sided shelving into colourful castle towers with the addition of a pyramid-shaped roof. This accessory is compatible with double-sided Uniflex, Quadra and Ratio shelving systems only.

Add a playful element to bare shelving with wooden side panels, decorated to match your favourite children’s theme. Compatible with double-sided Uniflex and Quadra shelving systems only.

Increase functionality by adding side panels that can be combined with various presentation accessories, creating the perfect focal point to display new books and present the latest news and information. Compatible with double-sided Ratio shelving only.

Extra high partitions can also be used to add interest to long rows of uniform shelving. Compatible with single- and double-sided Ratio shelving only.

Material melamine coated particle board