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A perfect example of a new library in an old chapel

In 2010 INDSé (Institut Notre-Dame Séminaire) school library moved into an old chapel but there was a big difference between the new environment and the old furniture, both practically and aesthetically. While redesigning the interior we needed to take into account two requirements: the location and the way of use. Because the library is situated in an old chapel, is was very important that the architectural elements could be preserved. It was also important that the space could serve as classroom because teachers sometimes teach in the library while the students can collect some documentation.

Librarian Yves WENKIN:

"Keeping in mind the "spirit" of the old chapel, we wanted to maintain a fairly conventional idea but with a touch of modernity. The furniture includes light wood, cream-colored accents and aluminum. In the area where the classroom is located, there is very little light so that’s why we opted for "open" furniture. The response has been very positive! The new furniture also ensures more order and the students are more respectful with the material so there was an absolute need for professional furniture. So it was obvious that we informed us with professional library designers with a good reputation. Finally, it was because of good price/quality reasons that we have chosen Schulz Benelux. "

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