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Koekelberg as the third place

The goal with the new library in Koekelberg was to make it a beautiful and modern library. And so it is. The library is embedded in a larger complex with a sports hall and a multi-purpose hall, making new partnerships possible. The library becomes part of daily life, after school or sports you can easily visit the library. The interior is designed with focus on easy wayfinding, many seating areas and the possibility of privacy. Thoughts on the library journey have been included: where does the user enter the library and how is the user best guided on the onward journey? The user will go through the library in a natural flow; from baby corner to first readers to teenage area and to adult department. Along the way the user passes comics, DVD’s and reading areas.

Librarian Nathalie Cools: “We opted for clear zones: the baby corner with a stage, the teenage corner with the Cocoon and the large reading area in the center. The users are very satisfied with the new library and use it as a third place. We chose the interior design and furniture for its proven quality and design that fitted our needs and wishes for a new inspiring library.

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