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Le Gazomètre: a new cultural hub in La Louvière

The old buildings housing the public library spaces in La Louvière were not originally designed to accommodate libraries. Hence the province regrouped the libraries in one single building, La Gazomètre.

Silvia Maria Rossi - Chief Technical Officer: “In this digital era, the library, as a public space, is undergoing a real revolution. It is currently one of the most evolving public places. The library is increasingly becoming a place of social life, much more heterogeneous than one might think. For this reason, the building is designed with open-space areas, connected to each other by custom-made wooden partitions / shelves or glazed "aquariums".

Particular attention has been paid to the choice of materials and their durability. The result: a cozy and refined layout. Visitors appreciate the comfortable and bright interior, where you feel good. Ms. Rossi quotes Gaston Bachelard to stress the importance of a contemporary library: "Heaven, without a doubt, is nothing but a huge library".

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