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Culture in the centre of the city

“The previous library was located in a former building. Everything was white: the walls, the shelves, and even the window frames. It had its charm, but it was impractical. The new location, an old shop in the centre of the city, has been adapted to the functions of a library and is more accessible.”

The statement comes from the librarian Noëlle Willem. Together with her team, she has optimized the space and made the interior of the library a feast for the eyes that entices passers-by to come in. They have also made it easier to find your way around the books. The use of colour is contemporary, the choice of materials – wood and metal – sustainable.

Visitors are pleasantly surprised. “Our visitors find the library more spacious, lighter, more practical, and more beautiful. The library has become more visible in the city centre by use of personalized lettering on the window and the old shop display case that allows us to present our new arrivals. A central role for culture, at the heart of the city”.

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