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Refurbishment with upcycling of existing shelving

Since its opening in 1991, the library's interior and furnishings had undergone minimal change. The primary focus remained on the collection, with little regard for enhancing the visitor experience. However, a comprehensive refurbishment has transformed the interior into a more contemporary and appealing space.

Librarian Jeroen De Lathouwer elucidates the new vision: "Libraries are increasingly becoming hubs for experience and interaction. Our aim was to cultivate a welcoming environment where visitors are inclined to linger and where functionality and adaptability are paramount. The revitalization of our youth department has made the library more enticing for children, resulting in families spending extended periods within its confines. The notion of our library serving as a third space, where individuals actively choose to spend their time, is gaining traction."

What sets this renovation apart is the complete reuse of existing shelving. The redesigned layout now offers increased open space and cohesiveness, thanks in part to the introduction of new end panels in varying shades of blue. This colour scheme extends to the new seating arrangements, creating a harmonious fusion of both new and existing furniture. This cohesive approach has garnered praise from longstanding patrons and newcomers alike, affirming the success of the refurbishment project.

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