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A world class library

Public Library of the year 2016 (IFLA award)
IDA 2017 Gold Award

The library in Dokk1 belongs to the elite of libraries around the world. You are not in doubt of this when you walk through the main entrance into the futuristic environment. As the building houses not only the library, but also a multimedia centre and community service, the ultramodern building gives an impression of being one huge centre of knowledge and culture, with an expected attendance of at least 1 million users per year.

Dokk1 offers the possibility of new experiences, empathy, learning, activity, rest and contemplation. You can borrow books and other media, study, attend lectures, participate in events and interact with analogue and digital offerings. The community service offers you services such as picking up your new passport, driving license or receiving instructions on self-operated services. At the same time, you have the opportunity of outdoor activities in an urban environment.

The fully automatic parking system below Dokk1, which currently is the largest one of its kind in northern Europe, ensures safe parking of your car. The parking system is for everyone, including non-visitors to the library. Try it for fun the next time you visit Aarhus.

Lammhults Biblioteksdesign A/S has delivered the majority of the library furniture for the library in Dokk1 - both standard and customized solutions. The building is designed as an open, democratic roofed urban space – a landscape you can move through that allows multiple looks and space. The interior, decor and furniture reflect this design. As there was a demand to use as few types of furniture as possible in the new library, a fusion between our well known Ordrup and Frontline Square occurred – and Ordrup Square was created.

Read more about Dokk1 in the book "Space for change"

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