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A sensational storyteller chair creates a marvelous environment for both big and small

In connection with the expansion of Christiansfeld public school, the school library has been combined with the public library. The new combi library is a success for the school’s and the city’s user as well as the personnel. The project started out as reverse competitive bidding with a given price range where we were able to make suggestions to interior and furniture, which consider the library’s demand on capacities and functions. With our competences within library design we have in cooperation with the library, created a welcoming library with flexible interior, which contains different user groups.

“Both the school library and the public library have been extremely happy for the cooperation with Lammhults Biblioteksdesign.

We have been especially happy for the ability to see visual solutions to our wishes during the interior decoration process – we have had, as a combined school and public library, several special wishes to the interior design to meet our users’ needs. The interior designers at Lammhults Biblioteksdesign have really thought creatively and came up with some good and useful solutions to concrete challenges, among other things, we have had the possible to, quick and easy to change the design so it is tailored to the individual situation. 

We have received an inviting library, which takes into account the needs of the school and of the citizens in the city. An extra bonus is that the characteristics of the city of Chrisitiansfeld have been used in the interior design.”

-    Iben Østergaard, Christiansfeld Library

The interior designer Kirsten Brandt Jørgensen from Lammhults Biblioteksdesign A/S has among things been inspired by the decoration of staircases and walking areas by Peter Holst and the many linden trees in Christianfeld. There has among other things been made carpets shaped as the leaves of the linden tree. The ground floor is decorated with plenty of room for delivery, loan and reservation pick up as well as materials and place for small children and fiction for adults. In the children’s department, a round bookcase has been made with cribs both inside and outside with the opportunity for both storage and display of children books. A sensational storyteller chair creates a marvelous environment for both big and small.

To make optimal use of the space, there are a few places created seats inside the shelves, both as caves and as benches. 

On the first floor the entire non-fiction placed together with departments for the young and magazines and newspapers. Here are good workplaces available with both group tables and a PC bar where it is possible to sit for oneself. 

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