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The children's library in Fredericia forms a brand new experience, creating new and better possibilities for play, socialising and of course reading and storytelling.

The goal was to set up a fun and playful children's section with adventures as the focal point, where there is room for both children and adults. The decor is built around a city, mountain, lake, cave and adventure tree, where both children and adults want to immerse themselves in the beautiful surroundings.

In the "city" there are four small playhouses, each of which has its own theme where children can play or settle in with a book. At the mountain there are podiums built in different levels that can either be climbed upon or where you can sit and enjoy story time. The lake, which can be used as a kind of shelter, attracts the little children. The cave and adventure tree invites you to read in a more pleasant and intimate setting.

In keeping with the ‘adventure’ theme, the walls of the library show ‘cityscapes’ and meadows to transport little readers to different places around the world.

Fredericia Library is a complete library solution, in addition to existing shelves, most of the furniture is custom designed for the library.

Interior designer

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