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Makeover in the children and youth department

In 2016 we started working on a unique and exciting children and youth department in Frederikshavn Library. The goal was to create a cool place to hang out for teenagers and a playful area for the smaller children.

In the teen area, you will find a gaming area with large tables, where the 13–18-year-old can sit and play opposite each other. There is also relaxing seating furniture, e.g. the “snake sofa”, where teenagers can sit and chill.

For the smaller children, the focus was to introduce a play area that also welcomed the parents. There is a tower called “Krudttårnet”, a miniature of the town trademark, which is a joy for children to climb and slide on. The turquoise reading caves have been provided with portholes that make it seem like you are under water. The parents or grandparents can take a seat at various lounge seating and enjoy the children playing. Furthermore, the library has new lunch tables and a wardrobe.

Based on our work on this project, we will soon start decorating Skagen Library with a similar focus on special designed library furniture with a playful design.

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