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Better acoustics and reading experiences at the children’s library

The children’s library in Hørsholm offers many great experiences for smaller as well as bigger children. In 2022 the library underwent a renovation for the purpose of increasing the desire to read and also to create better acoustics. Furthermore, the new interior calls for social interaction with literature in focus.

On top of the large yellow “cheese”, two large houses with reading caves and exhibition space have been added.

The round fairytale cave in the middle of the library has been transformed into the deep blue ocean, by adding a large wall foil with a specially designed motif and seaweed curtain, giving the impression of being under the sea. At the same time, children can look for seahorses or compete to find the young anemone.

Cultural Communicator of the Youth department, Camilla Lyngby Bärlund, says: “We work with several schools and institutions. The fairytale cave is ideal for gathering a group of children and creating a reading experience together, or it can be used by older children to sit shielded and intimate in the depths of the sea. Out in the big open space, the reading experience is completely different with more activity and movement.”

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