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Imaginative children’s library welcomes nature inside

The renovated children’s department of Humlebæk library was finished in 2021. The purpose was to add more accommodation and include nature elements in the library.

Before the renovation, the children’s department was dominated by tall shelving systems containing books for children of all ages, all mixed together. After the renovation, lower shelving systems have replaced the taller ones, creating a room within the room, books for different target groups have been separated, and custom-made library furniture focuses on play, nature, and fantasy.

The shelving systems now consist of top shelves and panels in stained plywood in various shades of green, and the entrance of the children’s library is marked by two large trees. Index books are stored in browsers that are integrated with a sitting and playing podium. A large carpet, that looks like grass and water, creates the ideal space for playing and spending time by the window, while the existing browsers for picture books, as well as an acrylic wall with prints of waves and fish, encircle the area.

The old play ship and train have been preserved but now have a new place in the library. Thus, the old library interior and the new products complement each other in this imaginative children’s library.

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