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Upgrade of children’s library and corridor area

Ishøj library has been through an extensive renovation where existing library furniture and interior have been combined with new products. The library is an example of a sustainable library interior design where existing furniture has been given new life within a new context.

The modernization of the children’s library began in 2018 with a desire to create better solidarity based on existing elements. In the children’s department, there used to be a snake-shaped bookcase and wooden shelves, reminiscent of large tree trunks – thus, the idea of introducing a jungle theme arose.

Architects from Lammhults Biblioteksdesign A/S have chosen to combine the existing elements with, among others, a jungle cottage and drawing board. In addition, the sofa, browsers, and shelving systems have been placed differently, while two jungle carpets and poufs complete the jungle theme that can be used by smaller children for playing as well as spending time. For the bigger children, the area by the window has been utilized for a long table-benches piece of furniture that can accommodate PC seats and media browsers. That way, the area is now better suited for reading and hanging out.

In 2022 board games and lending area will be renewed in a way that will make the library appear as an accommodating and green city garden. Before, the library had an unused corridor area along a ramp with large windows and lots of daylight which will be transformed into a nice board game café area.

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