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Sustainable combi library in the heart of the city

Jægerspris is a combination of several cultural functions in the town, including the school and public library. Every room has been dedicated to a certain audience. Whether you want to work out, find your new favorite book, study, or just take a break - this is the place to be.

The library is built on the values of recycling and sustainability which is why the building has been renovated and the old shelving systems have been recycled. An architect has been in charge of the renovation while Lammhults Biblioteksdesign has been responsible for picking out wall colours and the overall interior. By modernizing the shelving systems with new panels and placing the blue and read shelving systems strategically on the new red floors, the library appears inviting with its unique colour scheme.

The entrance is transformed into a lively lounge area with wall foil that clearly points you in the direction of the gym or the library. In the children’s department, the wall foil makes it seem like you are stepping into the forest. The small tree trunks provide seating and the cottage a small space, where the children can sit undisturbed and immerse themselves in the world of books.

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