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Children’s and adult’s zone

The new library in Korup, Denmark is placed in connection to a newly renovated sports centre. The library contains of a room with tall walls with square windows in different heights. By the windows, the wall has been painted in a colour that makes the room pull together. Furthermore, the windows have been used for seating and cosy corners; thereby the daylight and the small area are used optimal.

There has been decorated with standard shelving in different heights, which go perfect with the different heights of the windows.

A pillar in the middle of the room has an important function as room divider between the children’s and the adult’s zone. It has almost become a piece of furniture itself with computer table and brochure display.
In the children’s zone, a small outdoor area has been decorated with a playhouse and table with benches, which are all placed on a “lawn” (a carpet).


Interior designer

Products used at Korup Public Library, Denmark

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