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Library that reflects the local area

The purpose of Lundtofte School Library and Lyngby Public Library has been to recreate the local environment that the library is a part of. Nature plays a dominant part and is very significant in the children’s library which is based on the local deer park and outdoor life. E.g., a customised shelter with associated bonfire brings the children closer to nature along with nature inspired wall graphics, a carpet that looks like grass, green plants, and other materials and textures resembling nature.

The dusty, orange colours on some of the library furniture provide a nice contrast to the nature colours, that are more neutral, and Maria Podium browsers make it possible to create exhibition areas and highlight certain materials.

The library is a combination between a school library and a public library and accepts pupils during the day. After 3.30 PM the library transform into a public library and is accessible for all in Lyngby. Lundtofte School has recently expanded the school building to house the library that seeks to make room for immersion and become one with nature.

The space planning and interior design of the combined library has been an exciting process in cooperation with the staff of Lundtofte School and Lyngby Public Library.

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