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A renovation of the school library has created optimal space utilization

This 60 m2 small school library is located in the basement at Sankt Knud Lavard School in Lyngby. Almost 200 pupils attend the school, and the library plays a central part in creating a social gathering place, that can be used for several activities.

The school library has undergone an extensive renovation in 2020. One of the projects was to install a large window section in the library, opening up the library to the schoolyard. It was decided that the rest of the library should be renovated at the same time, so that the small space could be used in the best possible way.

School principal, Christa Bonde, says: “The room was too dark and obscure before the renovation. Many of the shelving systems have been removed and we received excellent advice in terms of the overall interior. We are very excited about the drawers for stocking and displaying books for the younger readers, as the children can now see the front of the books instead of the back. At the same time, we have integrated more seating areas, so the children can sit down comfortably and read – and perhaps inspire them to stay a little longer.”

The purpose of the renovation was to make enough room for an entire class in the small basement library. Furthermore, the idea was also to make the room seem less compact without compromising on either the capacity or the spaciousness. Focus has been to optimize the room and atmosphere, e.g., dark shelving systems have been used to create a “cave like” mood while the warm colours inside the shelving systems create a pleasant contrast.

“The pupils are much happier with their library which is now used for many different activities. The architects from Lammhults Biblioteksdesign A/S have come up with creative and valid input on how to use the space and continue with the same colour choice in the library used in other parts of the school. The new interior makes the library seem much bigger,” Christa explains.

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