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Citizens’ House

Odense Library has in 2021 undergone a transformation, where the task largely involved bringing together many different areas and wishes into a cohesive whole. The existing library furniture was reused to accommodate a large number of materials, while also providing greater opportunities for relaxation, activities, and exhibitions.

The overall plan has been used in the following years to continuously optimize and achieve the visions of the library.

A fence marks the entrance to the children's section, which was a mix of new and old furniture. Zones for immersion, play, and creative events have been created among the cribs. The "garden" for the little ones stands out in particular. If you venture through the small houses in the forest wall, you find yourself in the middle of a garden surrounded by grass, trees, flowers, and other natural elements. The scenography is intertwined with the display of books, so that literature becomes part of the experience.

Jens Winther Bang Petersen, Library Manager at Odense Library, states: "Odense Libraries have collaborated with Lammhults Biblioteksdesign several times over a longer period of time. They have been a huge help and ideal partner in our major renovation of the main library in 2017, where they were responsible for collecting ideas from the relevant teams and then integrating them into shared drawings. Subsequently, they have helped adjust the layout based on the original ideas whenever the budget allowed for a new area. During the COVID-19 lockdown, there was an unexpected opportunity to create a large indoor reading garden. Children and parents have really embraced the garden, and it is a pleasure to see them using it, as it still looks great."

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