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Inviting library with renewed focus on board games and art

Ringsted Library had a new museum wall and board game area installed during 2019 and 2020.

The museum wall is specially designed for digital screens displaying selected artwork and exhibitions for all types of visitors. The reason for creating the board game area was to add a new and exciting group of materials to the library with focus on the community and team activities.

”We have tremendous respect for our library which is an essential part of the community dissemination. We have stuck to the original colours and materials that the house is built in and we wish to provide our visitors with a nice library, they want to use and take care of,” Trine Vandsted Nielsen explains, Souschef at Ringsted Library.

Architects from Lammhults Biblioteksdesign A/S and Ringsted Library wanted to renew the existing library and at the same time preserve the spirit and expression that the library is known for. New furniture has therefore been kept in the signature red and white colours and the new materials have been selected and specially designed to fit with the rest of the library interior.

“Our rather unorganized ideas have been turned into specific and exciting initiatives. We have succeeded in creating a one-room library with many different spaces and zones that make room for different people and create a place where people want to meet and hang out. Our wish was to present board games and art in a nice, new way – that wish has been granted” says Trine.

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