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An old building filled with modern ideas

The new public library for the Taastrup area outside Copenhagen is actually the amalgation of three libraries becoming one. The old town hall of Taastrup has been carefully renovated to a cultural meeting place and media centre. The building with its old traditions now houses the former libraries of Blåkilde, Rønnevang and Taastrup.

The architecture meets the demands of a modern library where access to e-books is as important as the traditional books. Mobility, flexibility and interaction has been the leading motivation for the project. The result is an inspiring library that brings new life to the town hall.

The functional Classic Steel Shelving System is combined with special made counters and information desks from PO Inventar. Details like the rya rugs, soft chairs and big foam letters are also worth a notice.

Products used at Taastrup Public Library, Denmark

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