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Nature as focal point

Tommerup Public library is placed in ”Lighthouse Tommerup” (“Fyrtårn Tommerup”), the city’s new culture and sports centre. The organic forms of the building invite the surrounding forest with large and arched window sections.

The interior designer, Lykke Jørgin, has used the nature as focal point of the interior decoration of the library. For example, specially designed furniture in ash are placed along the window sections with full utilization of the daylight. A custom-made viewing platform covered with felt gives the possibility of looking at the nature at close range. The green colours of the nature has been dragged into the library and interact good together with the additional yellow and orange colours.

A large special designed play-sit furniture with incorporated cribs for display of children’s books can be found in the children’s zone. Wall mounted shelves in staggered heights give dynamic to the room. Mobile orange display modules are placed in the shelves to generate attention to selected topics or to create smaller special exhibitions.

The smart and flexible information counters are special designed for Tommerup.


Interior designer

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