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Vejen's new heartbeat

The central library in the town of Vejen in western Denmark has moved into Alfa Tower, a newly built complex which also includes 30 new flats. Like a beacon in the townscape, the complex is designed as a new, dynamic and vibrant urban zone.

The library is spread over two floors, which in addition to books also have facilities for changing exhibitions and cultural events as well as a café. Panoramic windows flood the library with daylight to create vibrant contrasts with the dark brick walls. At the entrance, a large wooden staircase connects the two floors, while adding warmth to the other elements in the library interior.

The library is mainly installed with white 60/30 steel shelving, including some shelving units on castors for greater flexibility. The low Frontline round wooden shelving softens the look of the otherwise stringent interior design, and creates several seating areas. The area for older children and young people incorporates seating enclosures in the grey Frontline wooden units, inviting quiet contemplation and concentration.

A number of small shelving units and display stands in oak have been dotted around the library, adding a delicate and warm contrast to the raw concrete floors and industrial ceilings.

Designed as an enchanted forest, the mood of the children’s area is enhanced by the choice of furniture and colours, which together create a captivating atmosphere. The green book browsers encourage children to explore the world of books for reading and play in the heart of the forest among trees and mushrooms. Or they can embark on an adventurous boat trip down the Kongeåen river.

The new library is proving a huge success among both citizens and the library staff, who see it as a new gathering place for the local community, where citizens can broaden their horizons, establish new relations and enjoy greater inclusion.

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