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Culture house with roots growing into the library

Vrå Library is a part of the new Vrå Children and Culture House that opened for the public in November 2021.

The theme of the library – and the culture house overall – is the forest and nature which is expressed through sustainable materials as well as the products and sculptures that are chosen for the building. The building also consists of a school, day-care, youth club, sports, and citizen service, which bring together many cultural experiences and offering under the same roof.

The library is located just inside the main entrance and is a place for learning, knowledge, and events. It builds on a vision of sustainability and is symbolized by the roots of the tree starting just outside of the library in the main entrance.

”The library is close to the heart of the building and attracts more visitors because it is a part of a bigger building. It is – and should be – a place for the children, but there is still room for everybody. We want our library to be an organic place that can offer something extravagant and surprising. We are so happy with the result,” says librarian Frederik Christian Nielsen.

Vrå Children and Culture House received the award for Best School Building of the Year in the summer of 2022.

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