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The Academy of Music in Detmold (Die Hochschule für Musik) has moved into a new building. The music music library has merged with Lippe Library (LLB) and now share the same building together with the Department of Musicology at the University of Paderborn and the management of the library of the Academy of Music.

The new library is structurally connected to Lippe Library (LLB) and together with the neighboring Landesarchiv (provincial archives) NRW Abt OstWestfalenLippe (LAV), they form "Center of Science | Library | Music".

This new center is by the rector of the Academy of Music, Prof. Vogel, considered as ''The biggest and best conservatory library" and is by A. Storsberg (NRW Min.f. Science, Innovation and Research) thought of as a "pearl ".

The building is centrally located, easily accessible and in particular energy efficient.

The architecure blends with the surrounding environment without sacrificing its own uniqueness.

There are 1000 m² of multi-purpose library space on three levels available, a two-storey reading room, office and administrative areas etc.

The two libraries are accessible from two sides and through a glass connecting building they share loan and return area.

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