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Co-location in a unique building

The relocation of the Veterinary College to Campus Ås is the largest university building in Norway and the only one of its kind. Here, Norway's Veterinary College, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and a state biomedical research unit come together under one roof.

The 63,000 square meter building opened in 2021. The building is completely unique in an international context where both healthy and sick animals, research, veterinary operations and teaching are gathered under one roof.

The new veterinary building consists of 8 connected buildings with a total of 2400 rooms. It contains traditional teaching areas, offices and a library, where the library in particular has become a central and natural gathering point for students, staff and visitors. The library is a merger of the library at the Veterinary College and the main library at Campus Ås, and is now a collection consisting of many different subjects.

Inviting seating areas are important, and in the library you will find both individual reading places and places for group work.
The shelving systems are a mix of low shelving with castors for flexibility and tall shelving with an attached, removable ladder for access to the upper shelves. Integrated LED light on each shelf makes the books more readable.

The open area in the middle of the library is often used for various lectures and concerts, where the furniture is easily moved ands adapted to the day's event.

  • Helge Eek

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