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After 36 years in temporary premises, Grimstad library finally moved into new premises in december 2017

With an area of 2,000 square metres the new library is a spectacular building with a great location by the lake. The building is in two levels and will act as a link bewteen the city center and the harbour.

It is about knowledge, culture and experiences, and the chief librarian hopes the library becomes a place that peole want to visit. Det skal handle om viden, kultur og oplevelser, og bibliotekschefen håber, at det bliver et sted, som folk har lyst til at besøge. Here you have both library, café and tourist office under the same roof.
The library has room for seating groups, reading areas, meeting rooms, café, movie room and separate youth department. Events and exhibitions will also take place.

The organic building is inspired by the famous Barcelona architect Gaudi. The building looks different from every angle. You have to work with the eyes to understand the architecture. The whole building is in motion and there are no elements that are the same.

The colours used inside the library is sea and sky, sand and rock. The walls are sea blue, counters are like rock and the floor is beige. Since the library is placed in the city garden, some honey yellew colour has been used as well.

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