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Merger of a new holistic library

In 2020 the municipalities Meland, Lianås, and Radøy merged to the new Alver municipality, and the process of a shared public library began with three departments. In the middle of the Knarvik Senter which is located just outside Bergen, the new Strila Library now constitutes a holistic collection for the benefit of the new large municipality.

Strila Library is based on information and knowledge and has the biggest collection of non-fiction books of the three departments. The previous library had an area of 450 square meters and has now been modernized and expanded to 800 square meters. The library offers teaching areas, an event scene, and a separate children’s department.

The library must provide more services and therefore employees and visitors are dependent on flexibility. Many of the shelving systems and display podiums are fitted with castors, so it is easy to move them around. In the children’s library, colorful display and storage furniture, as well as round, low shelving systems with integrated seating, make it possible to be fully engaged in the world of books.

To make a more fashionable and softer interior design, many small and mobile display units have also been used in special painted colors that complement the rest of the library design.

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