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An inspiring learning space

The library at BI Norwegian Business School is one of Europe's most modern research and study libraries. The library envisions itself as an inspiring learning space, which has led to meaningful dialogues and relationships between students and staff, inspiring one another. The students themselves have played a significant role in designing the space, focusing on noise reduction, collaboration, and concentration.

The university decided to renovate the library and all its furnishings in 2022. In collaboration with Input Interiør Oslo, BS Eurobib in Norway has installed all freestanding shelves, along with their accompanying shelf lighting and book supports.

The result is a magnificent library spread across two floors on the 5th and 6th levels, adorned with warm and Nordic-inspired colours. The layout of the space, featuring high ceilings and ample natural light, provides the perfect foundation for meeting the library's goals and accommodating a variety of functions.

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