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Spacious school library

International School of Stavanger is a private school located in the idyllic Madla district of Stavanger. The oil age caused many foreign families to settle in Rogaland, and in 1966 the American school was founded in Stavanger. The school classes were, however, scattered in several schools around the city, but in 1982 they could gather in a common school building. The school currently has approx. 540 students with 40 represented nations mostly from the USA, England and Norway.

In cooperation with Senab Eikeland Stavanger, BS Eurobib has delivered new shelving systems, counters, picture book browsers and cushions for the school library MS/HS Library (Middle School and High School).

The library is spacious and equipped with many resources that provide opportunities for many different activities. Several of the library furniture have castors, which provide flexibility and can be easily moved when, for example, the floor area needs to be converted into events.

The round shelving systems create small spaces in the library and the sunny yellow color gives warmth and freshness to the room and stands in fine contrast to the neutral colors of the other library furniture.

Organic seating areas and a customized staircase provide room for community and socializing across grade levels. Poufs, seating cushions, beanbags and flexible chairs give the students the opportunity to vary their sitting position according to the activity and what is most comfortable.

  • Tom Haga

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