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Kungsörs Public Library has updated its facilities, furnishings and interior design to meet today's needs of a modern library. New flooring, finishing and brand new furnishings have given the visitors a library that is both modern and welcoming!

Among other things, the library has chosen to invest a little extra to get children and young people to feel welcome at the library and focused on creating different zones in the library which not only provide a comfortable environment but also make it easy to find at the library.

Lammhults Biblioteksdesign has delivered Slimline shelving with top-mounted Big Book lighting. The shelves are white pigmented birch panels and top shelves, while other shelves are in silver-colored steel. The same shelving system is used in the magazine department; Slimline on wheels, with display shelves in the upper part and with doors to cover the lower shelves.
Electrical height adjustable desks; Concertina, create obvious information points in the library, and offers an ergonomically work environment for the staff.

The library has complemented the interior with a series of stand-alone products from Eurobib Direct. Maria display podiums combined with Owl display stands present books in an accessible way. Quattro display tower - here in orange, is a good alternative to the book carousels that are seen at a number of libraries while Box picture book browsers offer both display and storage in the children's department.
Strategically placed Flatline and Eureka search stations, clear signs on shelves with index blocks and double-sided labels and with symbol sign labels on the children’s books, guide visitors through the library.

Well thought out and clear in every detail for both children, adolescents and adults!

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