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The renovated school library has a positive effect on the learning environment

The school has 500 students primarily coming from socio-economically disadvantaged areas and is housed in buildings that used to be worn and run-down. The library then underwent several renovations starting in 2013 and has now re-opened in 2016. The time and investment has paid off and is reflected both in increased job satisfaction among staff and students as well as in improved study results.

Our Frontline shelving system, with black lacquered end panels and shelves in oak veneer, are used throughout the entire library, complemented by a desk of the same color and trolleys from the Plus series.

The library especially focuses on displaying and making books and other material easy accessible by using symbol labels to mark book spines. Display stands in an attention-grabbing format such as Owl, Rabbit, Wolf and Lion are used as focal points for books and other media in an inspiring and enjoyable way. Next to the “easy to read” shelving system the owl family sits on the wall showing exciting book titles!

Front displays are widely used and black display lists in different lengths complement the interior perfectly by being placed both on wall and end panels on the shelving systems.



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