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Kista Public Library was awarded "Public Library of the Year 2015" by Danish Ministry for Culture

Kista Public Library was awarded the price as "Public Library of the Year Award 2015" on IFLA's annual conference, in Cape Town, South Africa

On 16th August, 2015, the Danish Ministry for Culture, who is behind the world known "Model programme for public libraries", which inspires good library design in the whole world, awarded Kista Public Library in Stockholm, Sweden the price "Public Library of the Year Award 2015". The price is awarded according to criteria set by the Danish "Model program for public libraries".

Read about the award here

Our sister company Lammhults Biblioteksdesign AB in Sweden, are especially happy about Kista wining the price, as they have delivered various furnishing to the library.

Products used at Kista Public Library, Stockholm, Sweden

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