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”Centralen” is the new ”bluse house by the lake” in Tranemo, a lively and central meeting place with a café, hotel, square and library for the municipality's citizens.

The interior design concept was drawn up by Anna-Karin Björkman from Tyrens in a creative collaboration with Mikael Persson, concept manager for the vision of the house. "Garden and lake" is a source of inspiration that is included in the design and brand of the house.

In collaboration with Mikael and the library manager, Fredrike Holzhausen Henriksson, and her team, the library's design concept has grown into a unique and coherent whole with "words and water" as connecting themes.

The first interior design task was to utilize the library's interests and needs in the early planning phase and put together an interior design proposal in close collaboration with the library manager Fredrike and her team. This involved a careful analysis of functions and flows, which resulted in an efficient and well-functioning layout according to the library's wishes and needs.

The second interior design task was to develop a unique furniture and interior design concept during the construction phase in accordance with the house's founder Mikaels Person's visions and concept for the house. In this process, furniture, furnishing, materials and interior were coordinated into a unique overall concept in accordance with the vision for the "blue house" with raw concrete surfaces, steel and glass, as well as a choice of materials with local context.

In collaboration with the library manager Fredrike and with professional advice from Lammhults Biblioteksdesign, the final design concept was completed.

The new library in Tranemo is not just a library with a collection of books or a place to study - for the citizens it is an inspiring place to hang out, drink coffee, be inspired and meet for multicultural events, digital information, performances, lectures, imagination and discoveries. Based on this, we have jointly developed the building into a unique and dynamic overall experience, where interior and exterior work together for tomorrow's library - and today's.

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