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The perfect modern classic

The Darlington community recognised the importance of saving their historical Grade 11 listed library, and the swell of public voice resulted in a judicial review to save the building!

Key to our interior design was the sympathetic restoration of key heritage features combining with 21st century assets to ensure its suitability for a modern age. The rehabilitation of historic buildings and sites is often an important part of neighbourhood revitalisation, providing physical and psychological focus for the community, creating jobs and investment opportunities.
Blending new and vintage material throughout we paid homage to the building’s originality. The result is a brilliant example of how classic and modern can coexist, enriching each other.
Visual comfort was also achieved with sufficient and uniform lighting levels and ergonomic comfort through our adjustable and supportive furniture.

With an entire section of the building now dedicated to creativity, robotics, computer programming and with 3-D printing facilities the library now appeals to a new group of users. Mixing heritage features with modern furniture, the library has been restored so people can also meet up and try crafting or technology such as virtual reality headsets.

We designed and installed a comprehensive wayfinding, signage and graphics package sympathetic to the building which guides users seamlessly through the space.

The community’s vision of keeping the beating heart of Darlington is alive and kicking.

  • Matt Clayton

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