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Innovative and ambitious library

Our brief for the refurbishment of Tamworth Library was to create a bright, light and airy space with a welcoming entrance and a flexible open plan space that allows for a very modern and multifunctional layout. The purpose of the design was to support an innovative, ambitious place, where everyone has the opportunity to prosper, be healthy and happy.

With sustainability in mind, our first aim was to identity elements within the library that could be upcycled. All of the shelving on the first floor and all wall shelving on the ground floor was re-used and brought bang up to date with new coloured and graphic end panels. This was then complimented with the use of our Lingo shelving system all on castors for future flexibility. 

Special attention to detail was paid to the fabric selection and colours for all the soft furnishings. Thedesignconcept ltd. chose all the paint finishes throughout the library and these are complimented with the use of carefully selected digital graphics and inspirational quotes that lift the overall mood of the space; allowing for more positive and motivated users.  We designed a carpet layout that also punches with random placement of colour that will work with any future layout of the space.

The children’s area is fun and inviting with bright colours and fun shapes designed to entice children into the library and encourage them to explore the wide variety of books. The bespoke stage area is exceptionally multifunctional, allowing for both individual and group reading activity. Incorporating sensory elements into the design of the children’s space was really important to make sure the area felt inclusive and welcoming for all families.  

We wanted to ensure that young people also felt welcome, and the space created for teens enables them to relax on the soft sofas or sit and study. The inclusion of a variety of seating options enables teens to read or study, individually or as a group, in a way that they feel most comfortable.

The amazing enterprise area has an enclosed booth for one-to-one meetings for mentoring which is a real plus for the community of Tamworth.

The beautiful heritage area is a space designed to honour, and delve into, the rich history of Tamworth. The large photographic mural dedicated to Tamworth Castle evokes a sense of nostalgia and pride for residents as well as a gentle educational message for visitors to the library.


“The size and scale of this refurbishment demonstrates our commitment to Tamworth and belief in the value of libraries at the heart of their communities. This is the fifth new or refurbished library building we have delivered in recent years and we want these spaces to be safe, warm and welcoming for everyone.”

 - Victoria Wilson,
Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet member for Communities and Culture


 The library reopened on the 19th June 2023 and the team is enjoying welcoming everyone to their ‘new look’ library.

  • Matt Clayton

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