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New city hub

Initial plans for the new library in Coquitlam commenced over 20 years ago. On November 13, 2012 the new bigger and better library finally opened its doors to the public. Its city centre location and large parking lot right outside its doors make it easily accessible and convenient for its users.
Looking at the specifications, as well as the light and warm architecture and interior design, it is no wonder popularity rates have skyrocketed.

Extending over 2,973 square metres the interior solution utilises the huge space to deliver more books, more room to move and more high-tech amenities. The result is a library that leaves a lasting impression.

The library layout is zoned so that each key user group has a dedicated space, such as the children’s section, teen zone, fireplace lounge and study & information. Tasteful and functional furniture enhance the zones and their activities.

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