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Tind sofa and chair

Tind sofa and chair

Design: Lars Tornøe for ForaForm

Tind series from Fora Form is inspired by the Norwegian mountain scenery

Tind is a series of sofas and chairs with either a high or low backrest. The series is a comfortable and beautiful piece of library furniture with its round organic shapes and recognizable details.

The design is based on mountains that plunge down steep hillsides. The contrast between the precise exterior of the sofas and chairs and the soft interior come from the naturally created rooms found in Norwegian mountain scenery – a source of inspiration and fascination for many people. 

Please note that we offer a wide range of Fora Form products. 

Tind 500 chair (low) W840 x D745 x H870 mm
Tind 500 chair (high) W950 x D780 x H1280 mm
Tind 1000 sofa (low) W1340 x D745 x H870 mm
Tind 1000 sofa (high) W1450 x D780 x H1280 mm
Tind 1500 sofa (low) W1840 x D745 x H870 mm
Tind 1500 sofa (high) W1950 x D780 x H1280 mm
Seat height 470 mm