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Library design process

Our tried and trusted approach


With streamlined processes in place, we transform creative ideas into products and concepts, and project plans into unique solutions. All delivered and installed on time and to specification.

Through 6 process stages, we aim to design and deliver the best libraries – always.

The structured nature of our process ensures maximum efficiency and seamlessness, yielding distinctive and diverse libraries replete with unique interior styles, library furnishings, and design themes.

Our aim is to be a close partner and a source of inspiration throughout the journey towards a brand new or refurbished library.

See examples of how our team work with design, find out who we are and how we can inspire you by sharing our knowledge and our network.

A comprehensive guide to library interior design




Project examples

A well-defined process for interior design helps to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget, that the design is functional and aesthetically pleasing and that the project is executed safely and efficiently.  

The flow of these stages can be customized based on the needs of the projects.

Be inspired by projects where we have applied our process.


Bewsey and Dallam Hub, United Kingdom

The intention was to incorporate dementia friendly design principles to ensure Bewsey and Dallam Community Hub is a facility that is inclusive for all.

> Bewsey and Dallam Hub 

Bromley Library, United Kingdom

New furniture was selected with minimal environmental impact in mind, existing shelves were upgraded, and new end panels show quotes from famous literary figures.

> Bromley Library



Bannockburn Library, United Kingdom

Bannockburn Library has historically served as an essential social engagement asset, offering a free, safe space.

> Bannockburn Public Library 

ST Paul's Cray, United Kingdom

The library is now a bright and airy space, and the building is now much more environmentally friendly, with double glazed windows and energy efficient heating and lighting systems. 

> ST Paul's Cray Library 

Eltham Library, United Kingdom

The main area of the library, dedicated to adult and teen literature, underwent a complete makeover, with our team’s expertise contributing to all design elements.

> Eltham Public Library 

Manchester Central Library, United Kingdom

Our challenge was to make the Children's Library at Manchester Central Library a space of its own, a destination.

> Manchester Central Library




Interested in working with us?


During a project cycle and our 6 design stages you get in touch with our sales consultants, interior designers, product developers, customer service people, installation partners and more.

Our professional team is ready to transform your ideas into finished concepts.


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More about us

Library interior design is part of our DNA. We are passionate about creating inspiring library spaces that meet individual requirements in terms of design and development.

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Effective library design doesn't happen by itself. Contact our experienced interior designers when you want to modernize your library or build a new.

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We offer guidance to our clients in preparing tenders and often act as a strategic partner for library development teams, architects, designers and consultants.

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We continuously strive to increase the proportion of environmentally certified products incorporated into our library interior designs.

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