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A practical, and cultural friendly multi-purpose space

Before the renovation, Celles library was dilapidated and no longer corresponded to the evolution of reading practices - services that a library must provide today with the standards required. In addition, the surface and space dedicated to the public were too small and crowded.

The new layout is more suited to host multimedia materials and numerous activities and services that visitors need. The library has now become a versatile space with furniture on castors that can be transformed into an entertainment space, conference, cinema projection, etc.

Nathalie Quiévreux, head of the cultural centre and the public centre of Celles, says: "The layout has been designed to facilitate the movement of users according to specific needs: e.g., a baby corner with armchairs for parents near the children's albums, and a logical itinerary to present a certain collection in a specific part of the library. Particular attention has been paid to accessibility and practicality, and the library has been adapted to different audiences in an easy circulation. Visitors are delighted: “it's much better than before.”

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