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System Table

Create work and play areas with versatile table

There is nothing as simple as a table - four legs and a table top. But with the System table, you can create an unlimited number of designs and looks in a wide range of colours.

The System tables have a clean, minimalistic design, but can be combined in many different combinations to create ideal working stations for both children and adults. As the tables are made in various sizes, the tables can be combined without problem all depending on the need and space available.

The tables are available in four different versions: rectangular, round half round and trapezoidal. The steel legs are available in 30 x 30 mm square legs and Ø35 mm round legs.

Needs assembly yes
Material melamine coated particle board, veneered particle board, powder coated steel
Rect. W600 D600 x H580/720 mm
Rect. W700 D600/700 x H580/720 mm
Rect. W800 D600/700/750/800 x H580/720 mm
Rect. W1000 D600/700/750/800/1000 x H580/720 mm
Rect. W1200 D600/700/750/800/1000 x H580/720 mm
Rect. W1400 D600/700/750/800/1000 x H580/720 mm
Rect. W1600 D600/700/750/800/1000 x H580/720 mm
Round Ø1000 H580/720 mm
Round Ø1250 H580/720 mm
Half W1000 D700 x H720 mm
Half W1200 D850 x H720 mm
Half W1600 D1100 x H720 mm
Trap. W1400 W1400/700 x D606 x H720 mm
Trap. W1600 W1600/800 x D693 x H720 mm
Colour options Steel colour samples