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Bright, spacious and functional library

Since January 2024, the Eghezée Library has embraced a vibrant new chapter in its freshly inaugurated facility. Previously constrained by limited space, a purchasing opportunity presented itself in a building located in the center of town. Despite its initial dilapidation, the librarians opted for an industrial flair in the technical finishes, complemented by a warm, welcoming ambiance in the furnishings and layout.

Librarian Christine Gillard elaborates: "By exposing the roof, with openings and without false ceilings, we achieved an enhanced natural light. Opting for wooden shelving and warm-hued seating has fostered the convivial atmosphere we sought. In designing the space, we had specific requirements, which Schulz successfully fulfilled."

Key features of the library include:

• A podium for children;
• Strategically integrated display areas to present new arrivals, integrated into the shelves to seamlessly blend new arrivals with the existing collection;
• Seating designed for comfort and accessibility throughout the library;
• An ergonomic counter with adjustable height and seating accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Additionally, we introduced functional, user-friendly designs that delineate various zones without the use of partitions, promoting an open flow of light and ease of movement for visitors. The transformation has been met with enthusiastic approval from visitors, who quickly adapted to and embraced the new environment.

Increases in registrations and borrowing are indicative of the positive changes, along with new behavioural patterns. Librarians are particularly pleased, as the new space significantly enhances their ability to host educational programs and public events. Visitors frequently describe the library as "bright, warm and spacious," while staff praise its "functional" design.

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