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Extensive renovation has created a new attractive library in Duffel

Since 2021 Duffel Public Library has been welcoming people in newly renovated rooms. The library, originally from the 1970s, needed an extensive renovation and a more modern library interior design.

Librarian, Sandra Maes, says: ”We decided to involve interior architects from Schulz Benelux – part of Lammhults Design Group. They listened to what we wanted and shaped the new furnishing. The book collections are now arranged in a more logical and customer-friendly way. The reading room has become a cozy place to be. The chosen colours provide peace of mind, while the light creates a more open environment.”

Visitors at Duffel Public Library can now comfortably browse through the books on the shelving systems. The new self-lending desks provide more time for the staff to help visitors obtain better and more qualified guidance.

The renovation has created a nice atmosphere and a pleasant stay for visitors as well as the library staff.

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