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Unifach Magazine Display Cabinet

Ideal for presenting the most current magazines

The demand for display furniture in libraries is increasing. As libraries are shifting from their role of solely providing books to becoming more social centres, the need for newspaper and magazines areas are rising.

The Unifach Magazine Display is ideal for presenting current issues and storing older issues in one piece of furniture. The sloping, white, plastic tip-up shelf has a foil cover where a photocopy of the current magazine can be stored, ensuring the correct magazine is returned to the right location. Labelling of shelves is also an option.

The display is available single-sided and in eight different versions.

Fully assembled yes
Material melamine coated/veneered particle board
Inner dimensions W249 x D384 x H270 mm
8 flaps (2 x 4) W555 x D430 x H1524 mm
10 flaps (2 x 5) W555 x D430 x H1860 mm
12 flaps (2 x 6) W555 x D430 x H2200 mm
12 flaps (3 x 4) W823 x D430 x H1524 mm
15 flaps (3 x 5) W823 x D430 x H1860 mm
18 flaps (3 x 6) W823 x D430 x H2200 mm
16 flaps (4 x 4) W1091 x D430 x H1524 mm
20 flaps (4 x 5) W1091 x D430 x H1860 mm