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Lively and inviting library

Located in the hilly landscape of the Flemish Ardennes on the right bank of the Scheldt, Kluisbergen is an attractive municipality, now with a newly refurbished, lively library. The existing library needed a thorough makeover to become an accessible place where everyone would feel welcome.

Librarian Bert Dekimpe says: “Children should experience the library as a happy place where there is plenty to discover. Adolescents should feel that the library offers opportunities to discover and develop themselves. And for adults, the library should be an oasis where one can escape the hectic pace of everyday life.”

Schulz Benelux proposed an interior design with flexible, round shelving and comfortable seating areas. Bert Dekimpe: “Schulz Benelux showed itself to be a constructive partner, who was open to our own vision and at the same time ready to offer useful advice. The result is a completely refreshed library in which it is very pleasant to be, both for visitors and for staff.”

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